Why would someone be interested in this service?   You may have inherited jewelry from a loved one and do not resonate with the style, or it may be a wedding band from a spouse who has died. Many people find that the fire used to meld and cleanse their band symbolically purifies their hearts and creates a space for new beginnings. The charm becomes a talisman for them.

How will I know it is my metal?  Each ring will be video taped prior to and during the melding process.  Bless + Release holds sacred our role as facilitators for your transformation, and as such, we work from our highest integrity on behalf of your intentions.

Can any metal be transformed? No.  Once you have sent us your jewelry, we do an assay and notify you of your metal.  If your metal is not a precious metal, it will be returned to you at your expense.

How long will the transformation process take?  As each charm is created by hand, the labor involved is significant.  We will do our best to send your charm to you within 4 weeks.

May I reuse my own stones?  Yes. However, as the quality of stones varies greatly, we cannot guarantee that stones do not crack during resetting. We are most happy to support your desires though.  Please contact us to explore options.


What exactly do I need to do to transform my jewelry?

Step I

Visit the shop page to customize your charm by making the following three selections: 

design - New Moon, North Star, or Winds of Change 

finish - matte or polished 

bale - diamond or plain (The bale is the oval connecting the charm to the chain.) 

Step II (optional)

Please refer to the Ceremonial Suggestion tab.

Step III

Purchase and ship your jewelry to Bless + Release.

Step IV

Before transforming your jewelry, Bless + Release performs a metalurgical assay*  in order to identify your precious metal.  Please be aware that an email will be sent informing you of the metalurgical content.  (Please note that assays with a low quality metal are not able to be transformed and will be returned to you.)

Step V

Kindly respond to the email informing you of the precious metal content of your jewelry, and confirm you would like to proceed with the transformation. ( Please note ONLY  precious metals can be transformed. All others will be returned to owner as is, at owner's expense.)

Step VI

Bless + Release transforms your jewelry!

 Step VII

Your charm is packaged and released to you, signature required.