The Transformation Process

Each piece of jewelry transformed by Bless + Release creates a charm that is uniquely yours.  As the color, size, and weight of your precious metal will not be exactly the same as another’s, your jewelry’s transformation will result in a charm that is one of a kind.

Step I

Now that you have decided to transform your jewelry, visit the shop page to further customize your charm by making the following three selections:

design - New Moon, North Star, or Winds of Change

finish - matte or polished

bale - diamond or plain (The bale is the oval connecting the charm to the chain.) 

Purchase and ship your band to Bless + Release.

Step II

Before transforming your jewelry, Bless + Release performs a metalurgical assay*  in order to identify your precious metal.  Please be aware that an email will be sent informing you of your metalurgical content.  (Please note that if an assay does not identify a precious metal, we are not able to be transform your jewelry and it will be returned to you at your expense.) 

Respond to the email informing you of the precious metal content of your jewelry, and confirm you would like to proceed with the transformation.


Step III

Bless + Release transforms your jewelry!

Your charm is packaged and released to you, signature required.

* metallurgical assay - the testing of a metal to determine its quality